Key themes FAQ

Proposed Community Hub

How tall will the buildings be?
The buildings are a maximum of five storeys, although stepped to the boundaries and rear of the site.

How will the development address sustainability and climate change?
In line with national and local requirements, the proposed scheme will seek to achieve the highest levels of sustainability through the incorporation of technology and design.

Will there be an increase in traffic?
We are working through the technical anticipated trip generation information for the development. However, it is expected that students will travel to the site via sustainable modes of transport. The site has a Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) of 4 which represents ‘good’ level of access to public transport, whilst also being adjacent to a PTAL 5 area which represents a ‘very good’ level of access to public transport.
The proposed school will likely operate a minibus service to collect students from a specific location, most likely Wimbledon Railway Station, however the number of buses and different collection points will be determined based on pupil location and travel patterns. Any planning application will be supported by a Transport Assessment and a Travel Plan.
When the school is not in session, the playground will be utilised to facilitate parking for the Dundonald Church. This should deliver 10 parking spaces and help alleviate some of the parking pressure experienced on surrounding streets when the congregations meet on Sundays (and when the on-street parking restrictions do not apply). An additional 3 disabled parking bays will be located to the front of the site.

Is the site at risk of flooding?
The site is within Flood Zone 1 and not considered to be at risk of flooding.

Will the scheme impact the Green Belt?
The site is brownfield land.

Will the scheme impact local biodiversity?
The application site does not currently include any trees, although we recognise the street trees located along Abbotts Avenue. The scheme incorporates the opportunity for landscaping and greening at the site. An Aboricultural survey and ecological survey have been undertaken at the site. The site has been identified to have a low biodiversity value. The proposed development will reinstate some greening and will therefore provide local benefits to biodiversity.

If planning approval is granted, when will the scheme be built and completed?
• Application submission in Jan/Feb 2023
• Council-led public consultation in Spring 2023
• Determination – Spring/Summer 2023
• Site preparation – Summer / Autumn 2023
• Development 2023 – 2026
• Opening Mid 2026